Millennials are a fast-growing market segment. There are 5 things to remember when marketing your products and services to millennials.

Don’t be old-fashioned… Instead, be social.

Utilize modern marketing channels like social media to connect with your audience. When you go fishing, you need to use the appropriate bait. Similarly, you won’t typically reach many millennials by putting a listing in the newspaper. Many millennials aren’t even getting their news from television anymore; they turn to social media and search engines to stay connected with what’s happening in the world.

Don’t expect them to come to you… Instead, go where they are.

Rather than putting your marketing wherever you’re comfortable, market on the platforms where you can find the people in your audience. Use market research to find out where your target market spends their time, and use that research to determine the most effective way of getting that audience to see your company.

Don’t be corporate… Instead, be authentic.

Something can be said for building a professional persona, but for many millennials, an attitude of forced professionalism feels stiff and robotic. You get more flies with honey than vinegar, and you will connect with more millennials through authenticity. Be a person, instead of just a brand, and give the audience something to connect with about that person.

Don’t demand respect… Instead, build trust.

There was a time when kids respected their elders. That was what we were taught, and it’s what was expected of us. Today that seems to be thrown out the window, but in fact the issue isn’t that millennials are disrespectful kids, it’s that the rest of us have become entitled adults. Millennials weren’t raised with “respect your elders” culture, but rather a “respect everyone” mentality. Millennials are adults now, and when they feel disrespected, they lose respect for the other person. Treating them as an equal will earn their respect and showing that you respect them goes a long way.

Don’t be a salesman… Instead, provide value.

Millennials grew up seeing a wide variety of sales gimmicks and many have become immune to most sales tactics. The best way to build trust and authenticity is to focus on content that provides value, rather than content that attempts to trick the audience into buying. Focus on building rapport and showing the audience that they can trust you to offer products and services that will help them, and they will keep coming back for more.

This article was originally commissioned for Onslow Creative. Due to technical issues a link to their website is currently unavailable.