Business Intensive

We help service-based entrepreneurs leverage their marketing to grow their business on auto-pilot so they can focus on making sales and serving their clients instead of stressing over tech.

We offer a Business Intensive, which is similar to a “VIP Day” of consulting services, but it saves you time, and for a lower investment, because we do all the hard stuff on our own. This leaves you free to focus on the important things, like living your life and running your business.

The intensive involves two video-chat meetings spread out over about a week and produces a detailed strategy report to help guide you to implement changes to help you grow your business, even if it’s not with us.

Not only is she a great conversationalist and comes across as the “real deal” through and through, but she gave me solid advice on helping my business grow.

It was refreshing to talk to someone who was authentic and not in it just to sell. I will definitely be referring other people to her in the future.

Jessica F.

Who is this for?

A Business Intensive is for service providers who need a business plan, marketing plan, social media marketing plan, growth strategy, business strategy, or a strategy to reach your professional goals.

This service is not for everyone.

We can only help people who are:

  • …hungry and driven to make your business succeed.
  • …willing and eager to accept feedback.
  • …willing to take action to make changes.
  • …ready to grow your business powerfully and efficiently.
  • …ready to invest in yourself and your success.

The business intensive is not like one of those half-strategy proposals where people hold-back information as a tease to try to sell you something. This report is the whole strategy with all of my relevant findings, nothing held back, showing exactly what I would do if I were to tackle the challenges myself.

I got my MBA so you wouldn't have to.

I struggled through some nightmare jobs and clients so you could use the knowledge to avoid those same pitfalls and problems that we found through years of grueling trial and error.

My passion is helping business owners and entrepreneurs have an epiphany, as they suddenly realize something isn’t as difficult or scary as they thought, and building strategies to help them overcome the challenges they face in their business.

– Amanda R Parr, MBA

The business intensive is a 5-step process.

Step 1 - Book the Intensive and Apply

When you sign up you’ll fill out a quick application to make sure we’ll be a good fit to work together. This application gives us some preliminary information that will help us better serve you during our meetings and throughout this process.

We can’t help everyone. If we feel, based on the answers in your application, that working together will not be a good mutual fit, you will get a full refund and any appointments will be cancelled. From there, if we know someone who may be able to help you we will be happy to provide a referral.

Step 2 - Kick-off Meeting

We sit down to have a video-chat meeting on Zoom for around an hour to assess your needs. During this meeting, we can talk about your business, your goals, and your challenges. We try to get to the root of what your objectives are and determine exactly what would help you accomplish your goals.

This meeting isn’t a sales call; at this point you’ve already invested in the intensive, so there’s no reason for me to hold back any ideas or questions relevant to your project. That means this talk may include some brainstorming and some “gold-nuggets” of ideas and advice as we go.

This session will be recorded.

We record this session so we can focus on you, instead of constant note-taking, and so we can reference back during step 3 to make sure we’re covering everything you need.

Step 3 - We Build Your Strategy

We get to work building a detailed strategy — nothing held back — tailored to your exact needs, to help you smash your obstacles and achieve your goals. We cover exactly how we would go about it if we were doing the work for you.

We give you all the details of the strategy in a comprehensive report so you can implement it on your own, have someone do it for you, or if you prefer, you can hire us to implement the strategy on your behalf. Details for how to move forward with us will be provided at the end of your report, if applicable.

The strategy will be delivered in a tidy and easy-to-follow report that you get to keep and use, regardless of whether or not we continue to work together after the intensive is over.

Just So You Know...

The business intensive is not like one of those half-assed strategy-and-proposal documentss where people hold-back information as a tease to try to sell you something. This report is the whole strategy with all of my relevant findings, nothing held back, showing exactly what I would do if I were to tackle it myself on your behalf.

We won’t pressure you or pester you to try to get you to hire us to implement your strategy. That is 100% your call and we will always respect your decision. In fact, the whole point of the strategy report is that you don’t have to hire us to implement if you don’t want to, either way you still get all the expertise and knowledge that we bring to the table for you project, even if you decide to move forward with someone else or to handle it on your own.

Step 4 - Strategy Review Meeting

One to two weeks later (depending on our availability and the size of your project) your strategy will be complete and we will meet up on Zoom again for a couple of hours to have a longer meeting where we can go over your strategy in detail. I walk you through the entire strategy to make sure everything makes sense to you, that we’re on the same page, and to answer any questions you might have.

 The purpose of this meeting is to give you the information you need, to understand the strategy. Our goal is to empower you to make informed decisions about moving forward and achieving your objectives, whether that’s on your own, with your team, or with the help of a professional.

This session will be recorded.

 We record this session so you don’t have to take as many notes, because we know this session can be overwhelming with a lot of information to keep track of. That’s why we send you the recording after we’re done so you can easily reference back when you need to.

Step 5 (Optional) - We Implement Your Strategy

If you want us to implement the strategy on your behalf, then Step 5 is when you would move forward with that. The necessary investment to have us do this work on your behalf (if applicable) would be listed in a project SOW (scope of work) or proposal at the end of the strategy report, for your reference.

Of course, you will be free to implement the strategy yourself or hire someone else to implement on your behalf if you choose to. You have full control over what you do moving forward, and with the intensive report you will have the information you would need to guide you through it.

There are two options for the Business Intensive.

Determine which option best suits your needs before booking.

Which Option is Right for You?

Business or Sales Funnel Strategy

3,000 USD

This is a strategic plan to achieve your business goals, which can include a variety of objectives.

One example we might discuss your new product or business idea, brainstorm some methods of validation, and produce a plan of action to help you hit the ground running

Your Sales Funnel Strategy may include a Product Launch Strategy, defining a Value Ladder that lays out your offer, or planning the high-level user experience of your basic sales funnel pages.

Optional Additions you can ask us about:

  • $1500 to include UX wireframes for up to 3 sales funnel pages
  • $7500 to build a formal business plan

Social Media Marketing Strategy

5,000 USD

This is a strategic plan to manage your social media presence and where to incorporate the same content between multiple platforms.

This includes a sample editorial calendar can cover Personal Facebook Profile, Personal Brand Facebook Page, Business Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

At this time the intensive does not cover a strategy for Facebook Ads, Pinterest, or SnapChat.

Optional Additions you can ask us about:

  • $500 to incorporate your Blog, Vlog, & Podcast into the strategy
  • $1500 to include a Competitive Market Analysis report

If You're Ready, Let's Get Started

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.